02 August 2013

Home Tile Cleaning Made Easy with Advanced Cleaning Technology

Steam Cleaner
Home tile cleaning can be a tedious and time consuming job, if you don’t have the right type of cleaning machine and accessories to support your effort. Cleaning grout also poses serious challenges, if you don’t know how to do it right. The porosity and ability of tiles and grout to attract dirt and grime makes the task even tougher.

However, now you can clean tiles and grout easily and effortlessly with powerful and user-friendly grout cleaning machines from Daimer®. The premier supplier of a variety of modern cleaning systems offers home tile cleaning machines designed to clean expansive areas of tiles more efficiently and decidedly faster than before.

The XTreme Power® line of hard surface cleaners from Daimer® for maintaining porous tile and grout surfaces is available with accessories designed to tackle specific cleaning applications. These machines are guaranteed to deliver excellent results and are versatile.

In addition, Daimer® grout cleaning machines, such as the KleenJet® line of steam cleaners for cleaning non-porous tile and grout surfaces, has turned the process of tile and grout cleaning on its head. These machines are designed not only for advanced cleaning, but also for simultaneous extraction of residual dirt. The high temperature steam from these powerful cleaning machines helps operators dissolve and remove the most stubborn and unyielding deposits quickly and without any manual effort.

Daimer® steam cleaning machines have found quick acceptance among cleaning professionals, due to their ability to deliver enhanced cleaning results. These machines are not only ideal for home tile cleaning, but also find applications in restaurants, schools, and hospitals where it is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the highest level.

The most trusted supplier of powerful and specialized cleaning machines offers special cleaning technologies and patented features in its grout cleaning machines to enhance user convenience and deliver results far better than what are achieved by conventional cleaning methods and equipment.

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