12 April 2010

Select Steam Cleaners for Cleaning Trash Bins

Steam cleaners are the most suitable machines for cleaning trash bins. These machines can effectively melt hardened dirt and stains from numerous surfaces. In addition, many machines can disinfect the surface as well when paired with anti-bacterial technology. Because water is converted to steam, little water is used during the cleaning process. All these factors contribute to an ideal machine for cleaning trash bins. Picking the ideal steam cleaning machine for cleaning trash bins is a selective process. Not all machines are suitable for this job. The first step is to find a reputable online supplier. Daimer Industries®, the leading provider of steam cleaning equipment, offers an array of different machines suitable for trash bin cleaning. The following are some features to look for when purchasing a steam cleaner.

High Output Temperature
The output temperature of the machine should be high, as long as the surface can withstand the heat. Higher temperatures translate to higher cleaning power. However, if the surface cannot withstand such high temperatures, it may be ruined. The latest models of steam cleaners provide an output temperature as high as 360°F.

Anti Bacterial Technology
Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning products, offers steam cleaners with ATIS® technology. This technology has a proven record in eliminating bacteria and fungi. Tests by independent laboratories have proven that machines with ATIS® technology can eliminate up to 99 percent of commonly occurring microorganisms. Daimer® offers a number of steam cleaners suitable for cleaning trash bins and garbage bins. For further details about these machines and other cleaning products, visit www.daimer.com.