09 December 2011

Steam Cleaners – The Right Choice for Maintaining Refrigerators

Steam Cleaner
The traditional technique of cleaning freezers starts with gently chipping away the frost buildup within the freezer. After all the ice has been cleaned off, it is time to mop up the water that has dripped down to the floor. Maintaining a refrigerator involves using harsh chemicals to dissolve those tough stains of food splatters, dried gravy or juice splatters. But even with the best chemicals, some stains may not disappear completely. To resolve such issues and simplify these cleaning activities, you must try using the KleenJet® range of steam cleaners available from Daimer®.

Instead of spending hours cleaning away the ice buildup in freezers, all you have to do is direct the hot steam from the KleenJet® steam cleaners and watch the ice melt away. Being a powerful cleaning force, hot steam also softens tough stains caused by food or juice making it easier to wipe away the deposits. Utilizing the KleenJet® series of steam cleaners is also a great way to avoid resorting to chemicals to eliminate tough stains from refrigerators. Although the dry vapor steam ejected by these steam cleaning machines possess excellent cleaning action, it is exceptionally gentle on many surfaces. That means, you can confidently use these steam cleaners to clean your freezers and refrigerators without any worries of damaging the surfaces.

The KleenJet® series of steam cleaners available from Daimer® can eject steam at temperatures as high as 386°F. Look for machines with ATIS™ technology for eliminating more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria in refrigerators. Also, many KleenJet® machines are available with an attached vacuum for easy removal of liquid waste. Check out www.daimer.com for more information.