15 April 2013

Why Floor Steamer Machines Are Popular In Restaurant Cleaning Applications?

Restaurant Cleaning Machine
The special cleaning requirements of restaurants have led to an increase in the popularity of floor steamer machines. These steam cleaning machines use dry vapor for steam mopping and cleaning floors. There are many reasons why floor steamer machines have become popular among contractors required to clean restaurants, particularly kitchens, and restrooms.

Minimal Use Of Water
Floor steamers use dry vapor containing just 5 percent water for cleaning floors and various other surfaces. This does not create any drainage problem, and, therefore, these machines are ideal for use in indoor areas.

Great Range Of Accessories
Besides special squeegee wands for cleaning floors, floor steamer machines are also equipped with brushes in different shapes and sizes for cleaning corners. These machines are fitted with stainless steel, brass, and nylon brushes for cleaning surfaces other than floors, such as ovens, stoves, and sinks. The stainless steel brushes are very useful for cleaning tiles.

Eliminates Bacteria From the Indoor Areas
Mold and bacteria create hygiene problems in restaurants. That is why contractors are increasingly using floor steamer machines fitted with bacteria killing mechanisms. These machines eliminate as much as 99.9 percent bacteria. Some floor steam cleaning systems also have HEPA filters, which help in the removal of allergens. These machines also remove mold from indoor areas.

While these machines may be extensively used for commercial purposes, they have also found recognition as residential floor steam cleaner machines. Homeowners as well as landlords are increasingly depending on these machines for maintaining cleanliness in homes, dormitories, apartment complexes, and other residential areas.

A floor steam cleaning machine removes germs, eliminates allergens, and gets rid of grease and grime. Additionally, it can be used for removing chewing gum, if equipped with gum removal kits. Purchase the appropriate floor steamer for high levels of sanitization in indoor areas.