21 January 2013

How Steam Cleaners Offer Cutting-Edge Kitchen Cleaning

One of the many areas where steam cleaners can be effective is in cleaning commercial kitchens. Household kitchens can be tough to clean and maintain. They deal with many kinds of food debris and liquid stains. At the same time, the kitchen area needs to be kept as clean as possible. These challenges are far greater when it comes to cleaning commercial kitchens. Not only are these spaces much larger, but they often deal with a continuous train of traffic, food preparation, and cleaning. Steam cleaners offer a cleaning option that is not only faster than conventional cleaning methods, but it is much safer as well.

Daimer® understands the many difficulties in cleaning commercial kitchen areas. They also understand that many conventional, chemically based cleaning products often leave behind harsh fumes or traces after cleaning. In some cases, these can even contaminate food during preparation and storage. Steam cleaners offer a much safer alternative because they do not rely on chemically based cleaning agents. Instead, they use super heated water to soften and dissolve dirt and debris. Many steam cleaners from Daimer® come equipped with a special technology known as Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™, which works to eliminate more than 99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria.

These steam cleaning units are ideal for tackling baked-on stains and debris on grills and ovens. They are also very effective in cleaning countertops and even exhaust hoods. These units efficiently clean freezers and fridges as well. To learn more information on steam cleaners, you can visit www.daimer.com/steam-cleaners/.