21 October 2009

Steam Cleaners from Daimer Industries® – Powerful, Reliable and User-Friendly

Hot Water Pressure Washers
Reliable, rugged and expertly designed to be used on various surfaces, steam cleaners offer powerful and effective cleaning results while keeping effort levels minimal. These user-friendly cleaning machines help eliminate dirt, oil and grime from different surfaces like carpets, floors, stovetops, drains, and vehicle surfaces.

High quality steam cleaners, like those offered by Daimer®, allow you to accomplish removal of a wide range of residues and even allergens or bacteria with the addition of HEPA filters or anti-bacterial technology. More importantly, steam cleaning machines allow you to deodorize and sanitize surfaces without using any toxic cleaners.

One drawback of using steam cleaners is that the ejected steam contains very little moisture. This makes steam cleaning machines incapable of tackling demanding cleaning tasks that need higher pressure levels and flow rates. For such heavy-duty applications, it is a good idea to choose steam pressure washers like the Super Max™ 6000 from Daimer®. The combination of high pressure levels of around 750 psi and super-hot steam temperature levels of up to 330ºF make Super Max™ 6000 one of the most powerful cleaning machines available today.

As an added bonus, steam pressure cleaners like the Super Max® 6000 feature tri-mode capabilities that enable them to function as cold water pressure cleaners, steam pressure cleaners and hot water pressure cleaners. That means you only need to purchase a single unit to enjoy the advantages off all the three versions.

To transform seemingly clean areas into sparklingly clean, sanitized and fresh-smelling places, check out the exciting array of steam cleaners at www.daimer.com.