30 July 2009

Auto Carpet Cleaning with Daimer Carpet Cleaners

One of the most difficult jobs for a vehicle owner is to keep the interior of their vehicle clean. Dust particles and dirt creep into almost all vehicles, mainly through the footwear of travelers and from the goods stored in the vehicle. The problem is particularly severe for commercial vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. Carpet cleaners provide an easy and cost-effective solution to this problem of maintaining vehicle interiors.
Sure you can opt to go to a retail store and pick up a small hand vacuum cleaner. However, these machines will only pick up surface dirt. What about the dirt, grease, and grime deeply imbedded in the carpet fibers of vehicles?

To remove even the deepest stains from carpets and upholstery, you will need a low-moisture carpet cleaner from a reputable supplier like Daimer®. The company has three types of carpet cleaners specifically designed for detailing the interiors of cars, trucks, RVs, and boats – namely, three models of XTreme Power® series, XPC-5700U, XPH-5800TU, and XPH-5900IU.

These carpet cleaners, like others in the XTreme Power® fold, are portable and eco-friendly. The advanced cleaning and drying technologies result in cleaned carpets that dry in a fraction of the time of other machines, a necessity in cleaning automobiles The XPC-5700U is a non-heated machine that boasts a drying time of six hours. Lacking a heating element, this machine is less expensive than its heated counterparts. However, the use of heat greatly increases the speed and power of the carpet cleaner.

The XPH-5800TU offers a faster drying time of about four hours. Additionally, it operates at a maximum temperature of 158°F.

The XPH-5900IU is the most advanced and the most powerful of the carpet cleaners mentioned here. It contains two heating elements. As a result, it can heat water up to °F and offers a much faster drying time of only two hours.

For more information on these carpet cleaners and other types of cleaners, visit www.daimer.com/carpet-cleaner/.