15 November 2012

Get Your Flood Ravaged Home Into Shape With Powerful Water Removal Equipment

Water damage caused by floods, hurricanes, heavy rain, and other natural calamities can wreck your home and office in several ways. It is important to take a quick and effective action to prevent water damage from affecting your property. Mold develops quickly after water has taken its toll on your furniture and other belongings. Mold can not only damage the structure of your home and office, but is also linked with numerous health issues. Using the best water removal equipment is imperative to prevent any further damage to your property and belongings.

Choosing the Best Water Restoration Equipment
Water removal machines from Daimer® are extremely popular and trusted among residential and commercial users. The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is the most powerful water damage restoration equipment and is used extensively for water damage restoration in industrial and commercial facilities.

This water removal equipment has an amazing dumping capacity of 85 gallon per minute and is a popular tool for water damage restoration for facilities ravaged by flood and hurricanes. The XTreme Power®11000WDR is one of the most trusted water removal machines available on the market and among the most effective water extraction machines for removal of water from flood damaged basements or other areas.

The Best Way of Water Damage Restoration
If you are looking for high performance water damage restoration equipment, then the XTreme Power®11000WDR fits the bill perfectly. It is undoubtedly one of the best water extraction machines you will ever come across when it comes to fast removal of large quantities of water. This water damage restoration machine comes with a 50 feet vacuum hose and 50 feet dump hose for quick and convenient collection and dumping of accumulated flood water.

Powerful Extraction Machines from Top Suppliers
If you want a machine with efficient restoration action, nothing beats the speed and the efficacy of the 11000WDR. This highly effective restoration equipment allows collection of water conveniently in a 20 gallon collection chamber. Alternately, the accumulated water can be directly removed into a legal drain. The solidly build water restoration equipment has an incredible vacuuming power. The 150” water column lift and 100 cfm air flow can clear out water from any area of your facility very quickly.

The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is housed in a heavy duty fiber composite and has a reliable three stage vacuum motor that supports the powerful cleaning and dumping action. The 25 feet long power cord offers convenience of use of this 100 lbs power-packed blue-colored wonder.

The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is just the machine you need to quickly initiate the restoration process of your flood ravaged home, office, or factory. Make sure you choose the best machine available because the restoration process can turn out to be quite messy and tough, if you choose cheap and untested machines that are not designed for the purpose. Daimer®'s water restoration equipment is specifically designed to restore homes to their original condition after the intense damage caused by flood, hurricanes, and other equally severe natural disasters that can strike your home anytime and result in extreme water damage.

Daimer® also offers hot water extraction machines which help in comprehensive cleaning of your home basement and other areas to remove traces of dirt left behind after removal of flood water. An optional accessory, the 14.5” double squeegee wand makes the task of cleaning the last traces of dirt and grime easy and effortless.