24 February 2011

Steam Cleaners with Extraction Functions—What Makes Them Different?

steam cleaning machines
Due to the popularity of steam cleaning machines, top suppliers continue to launch newer, better versions of steam cleaners designed to offer unmatched cleaning efficiency. However, to make the right choice from among the steam cleaning equipment offered, it is vital to understand the advanced technologies that make some machines stand out from the rest.

First, you must be aware that steam cleaners generally feature low pressure levels of around 150 psi and cannot complete the tasks of pressure washers, such as degreasing and cleaning vehicle exteriors. Steam cleaning machines are intended to simplify cleaning tasks by softening tough stains and grime. After steam cleaning surfaces, machines without attached vacuums will require manual clean up using towels and rags. However, steam cleaning machines equipped with extraction functions, such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® Mega 500V, save you this additional task by enabling simultaneous steam cleaning and extraction processes.

Top-quality steam cleaners, including the KleenJet® Mega 500V, come with vacuum extraction capabilities. The extracted debris is deposited into a tank. Because this steam cleaning equipment comes with a HEPA filtration system, it can be used as a steam cleaning machine, steam vacuum cleaner, and HEPA dry/wet vacuum cleaner. Other notable features of the KleenJet® Mega 500V include pressure levels of 75 psi and steam temperatures up to 310°F. The huge extraction and solution tanks enable nonstop cleaning sessions for extended time periods. These steam cleaners are thus a great option for professional cleaning services.

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09 February 2011

Tips To Buy Steam Cleaners for Sanitization

Steam Cleaners for Sanitization
Steam cleaners, with the right technologies, can tackle difficult cleaning in addition to sanitization of surfaces. Not many commonly used cleaning machines have this feature. When looking to buy a steam cleaning machine for sanitation purposes, it is important to purchase machines from reputable suppliers and with anti-bacterial technologies.

Steam Cleaners and Sanitization
Sanitization is important for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hospitals. Keeping these areas clean can help prevent customers and guests from being exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. It is important to note that not all steam cleaners can eliminate germs. For this, is it recommended to choose steam cleaners from Daimer® with ATIS® anti-bacterial technology.

ATIS® Technology
ATIS® technology can eliminate more than 99% of commonly occurring disease-causing microorganisms. Daimer®, an industry-leading supplier of cleaning machines, introduced this technology and has incorporated it with many of their steam cleaners.

This technology can kill off many common microorganisms, such as E. coli and Listeria. Some bacteria and fungi develop resistance against high temperature. However, this technology ensures that even the toughest germs and bacteria are eliminated. Heavy duty industrial steam cleaners with ATIS® technology, such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® 10256-603CVP, provide temperatures levels of 386°F along with pressure levels of 150 psi. It also features large water chambers and removable heating elements to help reduce maintenance costs.

Daimer® offers a variety of models of steam cleaners, capable of both cleaning and sanitizing. For further details about these and other cleaning machines from Daimer®, visit www.daimer.com.