23 June 2009

Mobile Pressure Washers - Make Your Auto Detailing Easy And Effective

Super Max® 6120SCW auto detailing pressure washer
Auto detailing requires the right kind of machinery in order to do a complete and effective job. When cleaning vehicle exteriors, you need to rely on pressure washers that are durable yet versatile. They should be able to handle different kinds of dirt deposits and stains that adhere to surfaces. Apart from that, these pressure washers should also be mobile. When it comes to professional auto detailing, a mobile pressure washer can save you both time and money.

Daimer® offers pressure washer models ideally suited for auto detailing. They offer pressure levels of about 1000 psi, which can remove tough stains without damaging the paint job on the vehicle. They also have a low flow rate of around 0.5 GPM, which reduces water wastage. These models are also mobile, which makes them the perfect cleaning tool for auto detailing. The most beneficial feature of these machines is that they use high temperature steam to tackle the most stubborn deposits, like dirt, mud, tree sap, tar, brake dust, and more.

The Super Max® 6120SCW has a 120V, 60Hz engine while the Super Max® 6230SCW offers a 60 Hz engine with 230V. Both machines can help you complete your auto detailing jobs more efficiently. You can maneuver around the vehicle and clean hard-to-reach areas with ease. The convenience of mobility is an added advantage to these pressure washers, available in different models at www.daimer.com.