13 February 2014

Cleanroom Cleaning Equipment for Maintaining Recommended Air Purity Standards

Cleanrooms, although not completely sealed against microorganisms and particulate matter, have a very low level of common atmospheric pollutants. Cleanrooms have much lower levels of airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, mineral particles, and bacteria.

Maintaining the low pollutant count inside clean rooms requires the use of special equipment, such as a high-quality steam cleaning machine.

Eliminates surface level grime

Remove visible grime using the power of Daimer®'s specially accessorized steam cleaning machines. Grease, dirt, and other impurities can be easily removed using varied brush attachments, squeegees, and microfiber towels. The accessories may need frequent replacement, depending on the amount of use. Since replacement is not costly, you can use the machines as often as needed to maintain high standards of purity in the indoor space.

Removes small particles

Many of the latest steam cleaning machines are designed to remove pollen and similar small particles. These particles are often as small as 3 microns. The machines are fitted with HEPA filters. Another highlight of these steam cleaners is that they offer dry and wet vacuuming.

Removes bacteria

This type of machine carries antibacterial mechanism proven to eliminate 99.9% bacteria from the surface it is used on. If creating the right indoor environment is your goal, then these machines are the ideal tool. Additionally, they also destroy mold and can be used for cleaning even the smallest corners.

Daimer®'s steam cleaners are reliable and powerful. Many of these machines have peak temperature of 369°F and pressure level up to 125 PSI. The industrial steam cleaning machines feature continuous refill technology. This mechanism enables the refilling of the boiler without depressurizing it, so that the machine can be filled while in operation.

Cleanroom maintenance machines are among the perfect tools for eliminating unwanted matter from indoor spaces. Daimer®'s machines offer the advantage of high performance, durability, and versatility.