25 June 2012

Selecting the Best Car Wash Equipment!

Car Wash Equipment
Although a pressure washing machine often achieves pressure levels of 3000 psi, it may not be ideal for car wash equipment. Car wash equipment needs to have pressure levels of between 1000 psi and 1500 psi, as high pressure levels often damage the car surface. This is the reason experienced car wash professionals never expose cars to such high pressure water sprays. However, car washing is impossible without a powerful, moderately pressured car wash system.

In addition to the right pressure level, auto cleaning equipment should feature high temperatures. If the temperature is high enough, degreasing and defrosting becomes easier. Such car wash equipment often features temperature up to 330°F.

Some car wash equipment is designed exclusively for use in auto detailing. These machines may have flow rates of only 0.5 GPM. Low-flow car wash equipment is an ideal solution to problems of water shortage and drought conditions in some areas.

Not all auto cleaning systems are low flow. Many of the pressure washing machines used for auto detailing have flow rates of 2-3 GPM. If drainage and water supply are not a problem, then you can use these automobile detail systems for cleaning cars.

Auto cleaning equipment is great for cleaning the entire car exterior, including engine. These units are meant for removing dirt from tires, doors, and windows. Portability is another important factor when choosing car cleaning systems. Moveable units are particularly necessary for portable car wash businesses.

It is advisable to buy car wash equipment from reliable companies, such as Daimer®.