25 July 2011

Why Steam Cleaners Make Kitchen Cleaning a Snap

Kitchen Cleaning Machine
Using steam cleaners to deal with commercial kitchen cleaning comes with a host of benefits that other cleaning methods simply can’t provide. Commercial kitchen areas deal with unique situations that ordinary cleaning agents often can’t handle. For instance, these areas deal with high volumes of traffic, with kitchen staff, service personnel, and waiters moving in and out of the area on a continuous basis. Apart from that, these areas deal with a range of food and liquid spills in places ranging from the counter to the deep freezer. Steam cleaners from Daimer® have the ability to clean these areas quickly, effectively, and in a way that is eco-friendly.

One of the biggest benefits of using steam cleaners for kitchen cleaning is that these units can sanitize and disinfect as they clean when equipped with Daimer®’s ATIS® anti-bacterial technology. Many conventional cleaning methods involve using one set of chemicals to clean and another to disinfect the surface. Both of these chemical products can leave behind toxic fumes or traces that can contaminate the food. Steam cleaning units only use high temperature steam to soften and dissolve dirt and debris from a variety of different surfaces. Some models from Daimer®, including the KleenJet® 1000CVP, come equipped with a special technology known as Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ which works at eliminating more than 99 percent of harmful germs.

The heat generated from these steam cleaners can be very effective in removing tough stains and debris. Baked-on stains and charred grill deposits can be some of the hardest things to clean. Steam cleaning units, such as the KleenJet® 1000CVP, easily dissolve these deposits away, without relying on any harsh chemicals. More information on steam cleaners and other cleaning units can be found at www.daimer.com.

10 July 2011

Steam Cleaners – For the Best HVAC Maintenance

Best HVAC Maintenance
Feature-rich and technologically advanced cleaning machines such as steam cleaners are currently utilized in almost all imaginable fields to manage a host of cleaning jobs. Therefore, it is no wonder that these amazing machines are highly recommended for use by HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) maintenance professionals. Steam cleaning systems are especially beneficial for cleaning delicate parts such as condenser coils. To enjoy the best cleaning results coupled with low maintenance issues, it is important to buy branded steam cleaning products. For this reason, it would be a great idea to check out the KleenJet® series of steam cleaning systems from Daimer®.

The KleenJet® range of steam cleaners is known for its exceptionally high durability and reliability. Since these steam cleaning units feature the most advanced technologies, they are perfect cleaning tools for HVAC cleaning applications. The high-density steam generated by KleenJet® steam cleaning products helps clean condenser coils like never before. With its ability to generate pressure levels of 150 psi and extremely high steam temperatures of up to 386ºF, the KleenJet® line of steam cleaners offer the most advanced cleaning solutions for HVAC professionals.

KleenJet® steam cleaners, including the KleenJet® 1000CVP, also feature ATIS® anti-bacterial technologies capable of eliminating more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the surface. In addition, this product features a HEPA filter for trapping small dust, allergen, and dirt particles in the air.

To check out high performance steam cleaning machines from Daimer®, visit www.daimer.com.