17 February 2009

Metal Surface Pre-Treatment

Metal Surface Pre-Treatment pressure washers
Pre-treating metal surfaces is an essential task in many industrial applications. Also called phosphatizing, metal surface pre-treatment prevents rust and corrosion from adhering to metal surfaces as well as prepares metal surfaces for the application of primer, paint, or powder coating. Painted or powder coated metal surfaces that have not been pre-treated often contain defects in the finish. Therefore, metal surfaces must be pre-treated to ensure the quality of fabricated metal pieces and other applications. The most efficient method of which is using Daimer®’s phosphatizing pressure washers.

In phosphatizing, acids and aggressive solvents are used to remove all dirt, oil, film, and more. A thin layer of iron phosphates permanently remains on the metal surface to offer protection.

Daimer®’s Super Max ® AF phosphatizing pressure washers are the most effective and powerful phosphatizing pressure washers available. These pressure washers come with a variety of options, so that industrial users can select the machine that best suits their application. Some of these options include: pressure levels ranging from 700 psi to 3000 psi; flow rates ranging from 2 GPM to 5 GPM; electric, gasoline, or propane engines; and 1.5 HP to 20 HP NEMA motors. All of these Super Max ® phosphatizing pressure washers are triple-function machines; meaning they can function independently as steam, cold water, and hot water pressure washers.

All Super Max ® AF series pressure washers come standard with Daimer®’s robust phosphatizing system. This system uses downstream injection, the most common method in the injection of acids and aggressive solvents for metal pre-treatment. This type of injection ensures that the strong chemicals only contact the injector, high-pressure hose, trigger gun, wand, and nozzle; all of which are easy to protect against the corrosive nature of the acids.

10 February 2009

Super-HOT ® Pressure Washer Technology

Daimer® offers the most advanced technologies in pressure washers in the industry. Daimer® has done it again with Super-HOT ® (Super High-Temperature Optimized Technology ). This exclusive, unparalleled feature adds the highest temperature and most powerful cleaning power available to the already robust, stationary and portable Super Max ® steam pressure washers offered by Daimer®.

Super Max ® SP pressure washers feature this Super-HOT ® technology which provides astounding temperatures up to 330ºF, for immense steam pressure washing capabilities. These steam pressure washers use the highest temperatures in the industry. The result is the most astonishing clean.

Steam pressure washers afford users greater cleaning power than cold water or hot water machines due to the extremely high temperature. Steam high-temperature pressure washers are much more effective at cleaning surfaces. Using the Super Max ® SP pressure washers, users can virtually melt away stubborn stains. And best of all, they do so using a fraction of the water used by cold water and hot water pressure washers.
Super-HOT® steam pressure washers are the ideal solution for any commercial or industrial application requiring the additional cleaning power that cold water and hot water machines cannot provide. Super-HOT ® steam pressure washers are effective in a wide variety of applications, including the food service industry, food production facilities, engine cleaning, cleaning conveyor belts, cleaning commercial and industrial equipment, cleaning stainless steel and other metals, and much more. Super Max ® SP series steam pressure washers can remove a virtually limitless array of tarnishing substances, like grease, dirt, grime, food buildup, and more from most surfaces.

03 February 2009

Environmentally Safe Green Chemicals

Green Chemicals
In today’s rapidly changing social environment the “green” trend has emerged. More and more companies have decided to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint. Companies use various methods to go green, one of which is by using green chemicals. Not only do green chemicals enhance and promote a healthier environment, but they are also completely safe for humans, animals and plants.

And, in terms of green chemicals, Daimer®’s Eco-Green® green chemicals are the most environmentally safe and powerful formulas in the industry. These green chemicals use super-small Micro-Blasting® nano-molecules to quickly, efficiently and effectively encapsulate and emulsify all hydrocarbon residues, resulting in their removal with speed and ease.

The molecules that make up these green chemicals are actually one-eighty-thousandth the size of the molecules found in other cleaners. This allows the molecules to penetrate and burst grease molecules into billions of small particles that can no longer adhere to cleaned surfaces. Green cleaning products allows individuals to save time, energy and water by using highly powerful formulas that prevent the re-adherence of grease molecules onto surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Eco-Green® green chemicals are derived completely from plant-based, food-grade ingredients. As such, they do not contain any of the harmful chemicals, detergents and soaps that comprise other, less-safe chemicals. In fact, these green chemicals are non-caustic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and chlorine-free.

These green chemicals are 100% readily biodegradable. They can be used and disposed of in any environment, thus eliminating expensive chemical disposal methods. Eco-Green® green chemicals can save companies and individuals money while allowing them to work in a completely safe environment.