24 September 2009

Special Low-Flow Pressure Washers

Low-Flow Pressure Washers

Daimer® Industries is a leading distributor of a variety of cleaning equipment, including steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and more. It has an impeccable reputation as a supplier of sophisticated and efficient cleaning devices. The company, which owns several patents, has pioneered numerous advances in the cleaning industry. Daimer’s pressure washers are no exception to the advanced technologies and power offered in Daimer’s cleaning equipment.
Two main factors that influence the output power of pressure washers are pressure and flow rate. To generate higher power, both the pressure level and flow rate must also be high. While the higher power increases efficiency and productivity, it can damage softer surfaces and use a much greater amount of water. Therefore, pressure washers were previously labeled as unsuitable for cleaning softer surfaces and places where drainage is limited.

However, Daimer® has developed a new breed of pressure washers that have a sufficient output pressure but an extremely low flow rate. The flow rate of this equipment ranges from 0.5 to two gallons per minute. The output pressure level ranges from 700 to 2000 psi. These specifications vary from model to model and are distributed as part of both the Super Max™ and Vapor Flo® series.

Both the lower flow rates and lower pressure levels are suitable for delicate surfaces, such as vehicle exteriors. If you want to get further details about these devices, please visit www.daimer.com.