31 October 2010

Tips for Choosing Pressure Washers for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Pressure Washers
Pressure washers are important cleaning machines for industrial applications. They provide superior cleaning capabilities for eliminating grease and heavy, dried mud and dirt, among other residues. Choosing the right industrial cleaning machine can help ensure optimal and effective cleanliness. The following are some tips for choosing powerful pressure washing equipment for industrial cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Power

The pressure level is an important contribution to the cleaning power of pressure washers. Different cleaning tasks require different ranges of output pressure. For example, Daimer® pressure cleaners can reach pressure levels up to 8000 psi. However, for industrial degreasing and cleaning, tri-mode pressure washers with pressure levels of 3500 psi are ideal.

Sophisticated Technology

Daimer® offers a number of pressure washers with different features for industrial cleaning. Such machines as the Super Max™ 12300 AST, feature pressure levels of 3000 psi and tri-mode temperature options for cleaning a variety of applications. With a cold water option at room temperature, hot water setting at 210°F, and steam temperatures of 330°F, the Super Max™ 12300 AST is ideal for everything from light cleaning of factory floors to heavy industrial degreasing of machinery.

In addition to these specifications, the 12300 AST® also features Daimer®’s AST® technology. This Automatic Shutoff Technology™ is used with electric powered machines and will shut the machine off if there is there is no output through the trigger gun for 30 seconds. Operators can switch the machine back on by pulling the trigger gun. Commonly used with AST® technology is Daimer®’s Long Hose Technology. This feature is often used with stationary machines, allowing operators to use long hoses to work up to 300 feet away without moving the machine.

Daimer®, a renowned supplier of cleaning machines, is the pioneer of this technology. They offer many models of pressure washers equipped with AST® technology. For further details about the advantages of such machines, visit www.daimer.com.

25 October 2010

How Carpet Cleaners Prolong the Life of Carpets

Because of their various functionalities, carpet cleaning machines are also known as carpet shampooers and carpet extractors. The role of carpet cleaners goes beyond the process of cleaning. The primary function of carpet cleaning machines is indeed removing dirt and stains from mats and carpets. However, carpet cleaners also ensure that carpets and mats are well maintained and prolong the life of the carpet.

How Do These Machine Work?

Before beginning the cleaning process, carpet cleaners must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution. Daimer® recommends using a green cleaning product, such as Daimer®'s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, to ensure safe and effective cleaning of carpets. Once the solution has soaked, the operator uses the carpet cleaner wand to inject a mixture of water and cleaning solution into carpets, mats, and upholstery. The solution filters into carpets and mats, and breaks or weakens the bonds between the dirt and the surface. Ultimately, dirt and stain molecules are crystallized for easy extraction. Then, cleaning workers agitate the surface using the attached wand of the carpet cleaners and then extract the crystallized dirt residue along with water and solution.

Ensuring Durability of Carpets

To prolong the life of mats and carpets, you should regularly clean them with carpet cleaners. This helps to reduce wear caused by prolonged exposure to dirt and stains. Green cleaners can also help to safely clean carpets better than toxic chemicals, which can often damage carpets. Regularly cleaning carpets can help remove both surface stains and stains deeply settled within the carpet. Uncared for carpets is one of the most common reasons why they tend to wear out fast.

To ensure the longevity of carpets, you must select carpet cleaners from quality distributors like Daimer®. For more details, visit http://www.daimer.com/carpet-cleaner/.

21 October 2010

Benefits of Steam Cleaners for Sealed Hard Wood Floors

Sealed Hard Wood Floors Cleaner
Steam cleaners are ideal machines for cleaning sealed hardwood surfaces. They can effectively melt away dirt and grime without using excessive amounts of water. Steam cleaning machines have a number of advantages when it comes to cleaning floors and other hard surfaces. The following is an overview a few of these benefits.

Cleaning Efficiency

Steam cleaners are very efficient when it comes to cleaning hardened dirt, mud, and grime from sealed hardwood floors. These machines can provide an output temperature up to 386°F. This high temperature output can melt or dissolve almost any kind of dirt or stain from hard surfaces. It is important that the hardwood floors and surfaces are sealed to ensure that the wood is not damaged by high temperature steam. The sealed hardwood surface must also be able to withstand high steam temperatures.

In addition, machines from reputable suppliers, such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® 3000CVP, include attached wet/dry vacuums for easy removal of dirt residue. This enhances cleaning efficiency and convenience as dissolved residues are simultaneously extracted, doing away with the need for wiping up residues after steam cleaning.

Water Conservation

The output of steam cleaners consists of dry steam, which contains less than 5% liquid water content. The advantage is that it does not transfer too much water onto the surfaces. When cleaning large floor areas, this is important, as excessive water can make cleaning difficult. As a result, steam cleaning machines are ideal for indoor use where large amounts of water cannot be used.


KleenJet® steam cleaners, including the KleenJet® 3000CVP, include ATIS® anti-bacterial technology and a HEPA filter. Daimer®’s exclusive ATIS® technology has been proven by lab tests to eliminate more than 99 percent of disease causing germs and bacteria on the surface. In addition, a HEPA filter traps dirt and allergens in the air and prevents them from being released back into the environment. These features are ideal for places such as restaurant kitchens and hospitals, where sanitation is of high importance.

For more details about the benefits of steam cleaners, visit www.daimer.com.

18 October 2010

Steam Cleaners – Employing ATIS® Technology for Advanced Cleaning

Steam cleaners are used to clean a variety of hard surfaces. With their high temperature levels, steam cleaning machines can effectively melt away mud, dirt, and grime from hard surfaces.

Daimer Industries®, a global leader in cleaning equipment, has a wide range of steam cleaners that can be used in industrial and commercial establishments. The company is the pioneer of ATIS® or Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ technology, an optional feature available for many steam cleaners in their KleenJet® series. The technology has been proven by laboratory tests to eliminate more than 99 percent of disease causing germs and bacteria on the surface.

Steam cleaners from Daimer® equipped with ATIS® technology have been proven to be effective against bacterial strains like staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, salmonella choleraesuis, and many types of molds. These steam cleaners provide a high level of sanitization and disinfection. With their advanced cleaning capability, these steam cleaners can be very effective for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, and food service facilities, and can also help professional cleaning contractors provide better cleaning services to their clients.

Continuous refill technology is another major advantage offered KleenJet® vapor steam cleaners. It helps contractors undertake non-stop cleaning operations when cleaning large areas such as large factories and floors. Many steam cleaning machines are also equipped with water filtration and HEPA filter, which trap small dust particles and allergens and prevent them from escaping back into the air.

Daimer® also offers a number of other cleaning machines, such as pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and hard surface cleaners. For a healthier, safer cleaning alternative, they also supply Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals created from plants. Visit www.daimer.com for more information about steam cleaners with ATIS® technology and other technologies available.

14 October 2010

Steam Cleaners – Perfect Cleaning Machines for Refrigerators and Freezers

Cleaning Machines for Refrigerators
Defrosting and cleaning refrigerators and freezers can be a messy and time-consuming job. With stains from various food splatters and spills, cleaning refrigerators can be a tedious chore. Steam cleaners are extremely useful in cleaning and defrosting refrigerators and freezers with their high temperature levels.

The KleenJet® series from Daimer®, a premier supplier of high-quality cleaning machines, is comprised of the perfect machines to clean refrigerators. They emit steam at high temperatures to defrost the thick built up of ice inside freezers. These steam cleaners have the capacity to melt ice deposits faster than traditional methods of cleaning. Industrial steam cleaning machines such as the KleenJet® 5000CV can reach temperature levels up to 329°F. Another useful feature found in the KleenJet® line of steam cleaning machines is ATIS® technology, as available on the similar 5000CVP. Exclusive to Daimer®, this technology eliminates more than 99 percent of commonly found disease causing germs and bacteria in refrigerators and freezers.

The latest steam cleaners come equipped with a powerful vacuum that extracts the dirt residue simultaneously while dissolving tough deposits and melting ice buildups, eliminating the need to wipe the insides of the refrigerator dry after the cleaning procedure. Without this feature, operators must use either a towel or separate vacuum to eliminate the residue.

The biggest advantage of using steam cleaning machines is that they consume small amounts of water when in use. They can be operated without the addition of harsh and toxic chemicals. However, Daimer® offers Eco-Green®, bio-friendly cleaning chemicals, such as the Eco-Green® Sub Zero Freezer Cleaner, for a safe alternative to harmful chemicals.

Visit www.daimer.com for more details on steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners and other advanced cleaning machines.

12 October 2010

Steam Cleaners - Ideal Equipment for Kitchen Cleaning

home steam cleaners
A number of companies promote products for cleaning restaurants, including steam cleaners, pressure washers, and carpet cleaners. Kitchen cleaning, perhaps one of the most difficult applications in restaurant maintenance, can be tackled with efficient steam cleaning machines. A search on the internet will reveal endless information on these machines, their applications, and how they work. However, someone unfamiliar with cleaning equipment may become confused when trying to figure out which machine is best suited for his or her cleaning applications. The following information may be helpful when choosing steam cleaners for kitchen cleaning.

Mode of Cleaning

The first thing to check when buying a machine for cleaning kitchens is the method of cleaning. Different machines have different cleaning methods. For kitchen cleaning, steam cleaners are most often used. They provide moderate pressure levels and high temperature settings for eliminating tough dirt and stains on countertops, ranges, and other kitchen appliances. Pressure washers may be selected to dissolve and blast away the most stubborn grease, though they must only be used in areas with sufficient drainage. Carpet cleaners are used for cleaning fabrics and are used most often for maintaining the dining area.

Most of the dirt and impurities found in a kitchen are made stronger as they are baked on to ovens, baking racks, pans, and other surfaces. As a result, these stains can be extremely difficult to remove. For removing such heat treated food and liquid stains, a machine that provides high temperature output is necessary, as heat works to dissolve these baked on deposits. Thus, steam cleaners are ideal for removing dirt and stains from kitchen tops, stoves, machinery, and other areas.

How to Select Steam Cleaners

It is important to select quality steam cleaning machines to achieve the desired results. The best machines from reputable suppliers such as Daimer® can reach temperature levels up to 386°F. In addition, machines such as the KleenJet® 3000CVP include ATIS® anti-bacterial technology for removing more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the surface, including E. Coli, MRSA, and Salmonella. The 3000CVP also includes an attached vacuum for easy cleanup of the liquid residue left behind.

Daimer®, a reputable distributor of cleaning machines, provides high quality steam cleaners ideal for kitchen cleaning. For more details, visit www.daimer.com.

11 October 2010

All about Steam Cleaners

steam cleaners
Steam cleaners are used to clean hard surfaces, such as floors, walls, glass, and sealed hard wood surfaces. These machines have high output temperature for removing dirt and stains from hard surfaces. The output temperature of these machines ranges up to 386°F, depending upon the model.

The high output temperature is good for cleaning efficiency but it makes these machines unsuitable for use on soft surfaces. Soft surfaces, such as certain fabrics, should not be exposed to the output of steam cleaners, as these materials cannot withstand such high output temperature and may become damaged if exposed.

Here is an overview of some of the sophisticated features of modern steam cleaning machines offered by reputable companies such as Daimer®.

Continuous Refilling
One of the major problems of using conventional steam cleaning machines was that operators needed to stop work midway through the cleaning process to refill the tank. As technology advances, suppliers such as Daimer®, now offer machines with advanced technologies to enhance user convenience. One such machine is the KleenJet® 3000CV with continuous refill technology. This feature allows the operator to fill up a separate water tank, which then deposits water into the boiler tank when it runs low. Steam cleaners with this technology allow the operator to continuously work without having to stop, refill the tank, and wait for the water to reheat.

Attached Vacuum
Many of the latest models of steam cleaners, including the KleenJet® 3000CV, are equipped with powerful vacuum features that eliminate both dry and wet residue left behind after the cleaning process. Without an attached vacuum, operators must manually clean up the mess with a brush or towel, or carry around a separate vacuum.
Daimer®, a top supplier of cleaning products, offers steam cleaners equipped with both these features. In addition, many of their steam cleaners include their ATIS® anti-bacterial technologies and HEPA filters to eliminate more than 99 percent of disease causing allergens, germs, and bacteria. For additional cleaning power, Daimer® also offers green cleaning chemicals in their Eco-Green® series for a safe alternative to toxic chemicals. For more details, visit www.daimer.com.

04 October 2010

Tips to Use Steam Cleaners to Remove Stains

Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning stains on hard surfaces, such as kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and other areas, among a wide array of other applications. Stains pose prolonged problems in houses and commercial buildings. They spoil the appearance and hygiene of the place. In residential buildings, both people and pets can cause stains. Commercial buildings face even greater amounts of traffic and larger numbers of stains. Stains caused by people include food residue, oil, mud, and liquid spills. Animal urine and feces are other sources that cause stains.

Such stains generate foul smells. Thus, both the smell and the source of the odor must be removed to promote a welcoming environment for guests and customers. A steam cleaner is the perfect machine for this job. The high temperature output of these machines removes dirt, stains, and odors. Here are some tips for using steam cleaners for removing stains.

Anti Bacterial Technology
It is better to use steam cleaning machines equipped with ATIS® technology. This technology, offer by Daimer® with many steam cleaners in their KleenJet® series, can eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly found germs and bacteria on the surface, resulting in a clean, safe area with exceptional cleanliness.

Choosing the Right Machine
It is important to choose high quality steam cleaners for best results. A sophisticated steam cleaner, such as the KleenJet® 5000CV, gives a dry steam output at a temperature of 329°F along with pressure levels of 120 psi. For added convenience, the 5000CV also includes an attached vacuum for easy clean up of liquid residue.
Daimer®, a well-known supplier of cleaning machines, offers sophisticated steam cleaners. These machines are widely used for both residential and commercial cleaning. For more information, visit www.daimer.com.