18 June 2010

Powerful Steam Cleaners for Removing Pet Stains

Powerful Steam Cleaners
Because of their high temperature levels, steam cleaners are suitable equipment for removing pet stains from hard and semi-hard surfaces. However, simply choosing any steam cleaning machine may not work, particularly if the purpose is to eliminate stains and dirt caused by pet urine or excretion. The following are some tips to select the most suitable steam cleaners for this task.

High Output Temperature
One thing about the dirt or stains caused by pet urine or vomit is the foul smell associated with them. One would want to remove the impurities as well as to eliminate the foul smell. Only a high temperature output can perform both these functions. The latest models of steam cleaners provide an output as high as 386°F. This range of high temperature normally takes care of both the dirt and the associated foul smell.

Anti-Bacterial Technology
Various types of disease-causing microorganisms may be present in pet residues. If not properly cleaned, they will remain on the surface and continue to grow. It is for this reason that some of the modern steam cleaners are equipped with a specialized anti-bacterial technology. Daimer®, the most technologically driven distributor of cleaning products, offers ATIS® technology for many models in its KleenJet® steam cleaners. Tests conducted by independent laboratories have confirmed that this technology has the capability of destroying more than 99 percent of commonly occurring bacteria and fungi. For more details about the cleaning vomit by steam cleaners from the company, visit www.daimer.com.

07 June 2010

Steam Cleaners for Removing Soap Scum from Tiles And Grout

Steam Cleaners
Ugly soap scum not only ruins the look of the bathroom, but also creates the risk of slipping and falling. If left too long on the tile, it can discolor the surface. While manual scrubbing and wiping may remove some of the residue, there is still a large amount left behind. Doing this process by hand is also time consuming. This is why steam cleaners for removing soap scum need to be robust, continuously operating, and powerful. Daimer® stocks machines that have all three features.

High Quality
Daimer®’s machines have many advantages over competitors’ products. These machines have a durable boiler and a heating element, both made of stainless steel. The low-maintenance boiler requires minimal care, as it is self cleaning. Daimer®’s boilers carry a lifetime warranty, something that most competitors do not provide on their machine parts. The supplier also provides a 90-day warranty on steam irons. 

Non-Stop Operation 
Most of Daimer®’s machines can operate for hours without a break. Steam cleaners fitted with continuous refill technology allow the users to refill the machine, even during operation. In ordinary steam cleaners, you need to shut off the machine, refill the boiler, and wait about 30 minutes for the water to reach a reasonably high temperature. However, with continuous refill steam cleaning machines, operators add water to the refill chamber while the machine is in use. The machine then draws water from the non-pressurized refill chamber to the boiler tank as needed.

Steam Iron
Some models, such as the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS, also feature a steam iron. This harnesses the power of steam generated by the machine for purposes other than cleaning tiles and grout. Steam cleaners are essential for cleaning tile grout sealer. With new technologies available, Daimer® offers a variety of different steam cleaners to help with everything from light cleaning tasks to industrial cleaning applications. Visit www.daimer.com to learn more about these features.