25 August 2011

Three Tips to Choose Steam Cleaners for Pet Stain Removal

It is commonly known steam cleaners are helpful machines for the removal of pet and urine stains. However, most prospective buyers still wonder: which steam cleaning machines are the best? While there is no simple, straight forward answer to this question, there are some basic guidelines to find the most suitable machine for removing dirt or stains caused by pets. Three basic guidelines are listed in this post.

Dry Steam Output
The problem with pet stains is the foul smell associated with them. The cleaning process should be able to not only remove the stains but eliminate the foul smell too. For that, the output should have a high temperature. Daimer® steam cleaning systems reaching to 386°F.

Daimer® steam cleaners have a high out put temperature. This helps release dirt and stain particles from deep within spots on carpets. Using dry steam helps conserve water without affecting its efficiency. Always make sure your carpets can withstand such high temperature levels, as certain carpets may bleed or melt under high heat.

Anti-Bacterial Technology
Steam cleaners featuring anti-bacterial technology kill off harmful microorganisms present on the surfaces. Consider machines like Daimer®’s KleenJet® 8844-360 CVP, equipped with Daimer®’s anti-bacterial ATIS® technology. With this feature, KleenJet® machines can remove over 99% of harmful germs/bacteria on surfaces.

Attached Vacuum
Steam cleaners with an attached vacuum are handy for removing pet stains. These machines make the job easier and faster.

Daimer® is a major provider of cleaning including high quality steam cleaners. For more details about Daimer®’s equipment, visit www.daimer.com.

08 August 2011

Steam Cleaners Make Cleaning Tile and Grout Simple

Cleaning Tile and Grout
The grueling task of cleaning tile and grout can turn into a fast and simple job with steam cleaners. Cleaning tile can be tough when dealing with substances like hard water deposits but cleaning grout is much more difficult. The soft, porous nature of grout makes it easy for it to absorb dirt and grime, allowing those to soak deep into the material, making the tiles extremely hard to clean. Fungus, mold, and bacteria can take root deep in the grout and grow. In many cases, people find it easier to simply replace the grout rather than clean it.

Using steam cleaners to deal with grout is not only a less expensive alternative; it is also efficient, fast, and eco-friendly.

The steam cleaners from Daimer® use the power of super-heated water to melt away stubborn stains and deposits. Caked-on debris and old, hardened stains can be removed with relative ease. Machines such as the Daimer® KleenJet® series are also available with continuous refill technology, which means the user does not have to worry about stopping periodically to refill the water supply. Rather than investing in various brushes and abrasives, steam cleaning units clean effectively in a relatively short span of time, without damaging the grout in any way.

Another huge advantage of using steam cleaners is that these units are eco-friendly. There is no need to rely on harsh cleaning agents of any kind. There is no risk of toxic fumes or traces remaining after cleaning. In this way, steam cleaning machines provide fast and effective grout cleaning that is safe for the user and the environment. To learn more about steam cleaner machines and their other uses, please visit www.daimer.com.