27 December 2012

Why Advanced Marble Floor Cleaning Machines Are Preferred By Professional Cleaners?

Advanced marble floor cleaning machines can make commercial floor cleaning easy and a lot quicker than cleaning such surfaces using conventional floor cleaning equipment. Cleaning hard floors using brushes and cleaning chemicals can be a tedious and back-breaking task. Apart from being time-consuming, the process can also leave traces of toxic chemicals on the floors which can further pose many health risks, especially for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies.

Special Features to Make Your Job Easier
Marble floor cleaning machines designed for cleaning commercial establishments come with special features designed to make the cleaning process easy and quick. They also clean your hard floors comprehensively by removing the stains and grease from floors effortlessly. These types of cleaning machines are perfect for cleaning large areas of marble, granite and stone floors in commercial facilities, such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants and office premises, where maintaining cleanliness at all times is of utmost importance.

Optional Attachments to Deal with Specific Tasks
The latest marble floor cleaning machines come equipped with advanced cleaning technologies. The latest machines with motorized heads and power spinners are in much demand among cleaning professionals because they can deliver impeccable results which just cannot happen with any ordinary floor cleaner. Leading suppliers of top marble floor cleaning machines provide a range of optional attachments to make the floor cleaning task a lot easier than before.

Residential floor steam cleaner machines are preferred for cleaning hard surfaces in homes. They use limited quantity of water and rely more on their greater extraction capabilities to keep the floors clean and germ-free.

Daimer® is one supplier that offers advanced marble floor cleaning machines with patented, superior technologies. Visit its site to know more about the products.

15 November 2012

Get Your Flood Ravaged Home Into Shape With Powerful Water Removal Equipment

Water damage caused by floods, hurricanes, heavy rain, and other natural calamities can wreck your home and office in several ways. It is important to take a quick and effective action to prevent water damage from affecting your property. Mold develops quickly after water has taken its toll on your furniture and other belongings. Mold can not only damage the structure of your home and office, but is also linked with numerous health issues. Using the best water removal equipment is imperative to prevent any further damage to your property and belongings.

Choosing the Best Water Restoration Equipment
Water removal machines from Daimer® are extremely popular and trusted among residential and commercial users. The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is the most powerful water damage restoration equipment and is used extensively for water damage restoration in industrial and commercial facilities.

This water removal equipment has an amazing dumping capacity of 85 gallon per minute and is a popular tool for water damage restoration for facilities ravaged by flood and hurricanes. The XTreme Power®11000WDR is one of the most trusted water removal machines available on the market and among the most effective water extraction machines for removal of water from flood damaged basements or other areas.

The Best Way of Water Damage Restoration
If you are looking for high performance water damage restoration equipment, then the XTreme Power®11000WDR fits the bill perfectly. It is undoubtedly one of the best water extraction machines you will ever come across when it comes to fast removal of large quantities of water. This water damage restoration machine comes with a 50 feet vacuum hose and 50 feet dump hose for quick and convenient collection and dumping of accumulated flood water.

Powerful Extraction Machines from Top Suppliers
If you want a machine with efficient restoration action, nothing beats the speed and the efficacy of the 11000WDR. This highly effective restoration equipment allows collection of water conveniently in a 20 gallon collection chamber. Alternately, the accumulated water can be directly removed into a legal drain. The solidly build water restoration equipment has an incredible vacuuming power. The 150” water column lift and 100 cfm air flow can clear out water from any area of your facility very quickly.

The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is housed in a heavy duty fiber composite and has a reliable three stage vacuum motor that supports the powerful cleaning and dumping action. The 25 feet long power cord offers convenience of use of this 100 lbs power-packed blue-colored wonder.

The XTreme Power® 11000WDR is just the machine you need to quickly initiate the restoration process of your flood ravaged home, office, or factory. Make sure you choose the best machine available because the restoration process can turn out to be quite messy and tough, if you choose cheap and untested machines that are not designed for the purpose. Daimer®'s water restoration equipment is specifically designed to restore homes to their original condition after the intense damage caused by flood, hurricanes, and other equally severe natural disasters that can strike your home anytime and result in extreme water damage.

Daimer® also offers hot water extraction machines which help in comprehensive cleaning of your home basement and other areas to remove traces of dirt left behind after removal of flood water. An optional accessory, the 14.5” double squeegee wand makes the task of cleaning the last traces of dirt and grime easy and effortless.

28 October 2012

What Works Best For Upholstery Fabric Cleaning?

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning
Upholstery fabric cleaning is one of the most important tasks in settings, such as offices, hotel lounges, restaurants, and vehicle interiors. The fabric used in upholstery can accumulate dust, dirt, and stains in the absence of proper cleaning. Simply dusting or vacuuming the surface will not help eliminate the dust and dirt build-up from upholstered surfaces. It is also a tough job to remove dried food and stains of beverages from fabrics. To deep clean fabrics on upholstery, it is best to turn to advanced carpet cleaning systems.

In addition to maintaining carpeted surfaces, the best rug washer units are also great for mattress maintenance, interior detailing of vehicles, and upholstery fabric cleaning. To manage tough tasks, it is best to go for the heated versions rather than the non-heated ones. The hot moisture generated by heated carpet cleaner systems dissolves the toughest dirt deposits and stains.

To ensure superior upholstery fabric cleaning, cleaning experts recommend pre-spraying the surfaces with green chemicals. This helps dissolve and emulsify dirt deposits, thereby simplifying the cleaning process. To ensure that the surfaces are spotlessly clean and dry after the upholstery fabric cleaning process, the best portable carpet cleaning machines feature vacuum extraction functions. This helps extract all kinds of dissolved deposits and moisture from upholstered surfaces. This offers several advantages, such as lower risk of mold development.

If you need powerful rug cleaner units for upholstery fabric cleaning, do check out the XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaner systems from Daimer®.

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25 June 2012

Selecting the Best Car Wash Equipment!

Car Wash Equipment
Although a pressure washing machine often achieves pressure levels of 3000 psi, it may not be ideal for car wash equipment. Car wash equipment needs to have pressure levels of between 1000 psi and 1500 psi, as high pressure levels often damage the car surface. This is the reason experienced car wash professionals never expose cars to such high pressure water sprays. However, car washing is impossible without a powerful, moderately pressured car wash system.

In addition to the right pressure level, auto cleaning equipment should feature high temperatures. If the temperature is high enough, degreasing and defrosting becomes easier. Such car wash equipment often features temperature up to 330°F.

Some car wash equipment is designed exclusively for use in auto detailing. These machines may have flow rates of only 0.5 GPM. Low-flow car wash equipment is an ideal solution to problems of water shortage and drought conditions in some areas.

Not all auto cleaning systems are low flow. Many of the pressure washing machines used for auto detailing have flow rates of 2-3 GPM. If drainage and water supply are not a problem, then you can use these automobile detail systems for cleaning cars.

Auto cleaning equipment is great for cleaning the entire car exterior, including engine. These units are meant for removing dirt from tires, doors, and windows. Portability is another important factor when choosing car cleaning systems. Moveable units are particularly necessary for portable car wash businesses.

It is advisable to buy car wash equipment from reliable companies, such as Daimer®.

12 June 2012

Why A Pressure Washer Works When Other Cleaning Products Fail?

One of the things that make a pressure washer so unique is the fact that it can manage cleaning jobs that many conventional products can’t handle. It's generally believed that the tougher the cleaning task, the harsher the chemical cleaning product that needs to be used. Unfortunately, these chemical-based detergents don’t always work and to make matters worse, they often leave harmful traces or noxious fumes after cleaning. In sharp contrast, pressure washing machines offer a cleaning solution that isn’t just efficient, its eco-friendly as well.

A Force to Reckon With
One of the reasons why a pressure washer is so effective is its efficiency to tackle dirt and debris. Many chemical cleaning products attempt to dissolve away dirt or simply mask it with a strong perfume. A pressure washer actually works to physically lift and remove sedimentation from the surface. These units remove debris with only pressurized water. Optimum water flow rates ensure that the sediment is washed away from the surface as thoroughly as possible.

A pressure washer can even be used to remove some of the toughest kinds of debris, such as heavy grease. In these cases, optimum pressure levels are combined with steam temperatures to create a truly formidable cleaning force. The combination of steam and pressure work to soften the heavy grease. The pressurized water works to remove the clingy deposit from the surface as thoroughly as possible. Best of all, this kind of cleaning power is achieved using only water. With a pressure washer from a reputable company, such as Daimer®, no harmful chemical cleaning agents are required at any stage of the cleaning process.

03 April 2012

Picking up after Pets - Effective Auto Detailing Equipment for Vehicle Interiors

Detailing Equipment for Vehicle Interiors
Auto detailing for vehicle interiors can sometimes be a more challenging task than cleaning the exterior. Car interiors are not exposed to regular aeration or sunlight. To make matters worse, spills and stains that happen in a vehicle interior aren’t always dealt with quickly or effectively. In many cases, they are simply wiped up and then forgotten, even if it is something like a soda stain. Interior detailing becomes more complicated when dealing with vehicles that often carry pets. While dealing with pet stains and dander can be tough enough in a residential home, these problems can be more intense when dealing with them inside a vehicle. This is why it’s essential to use the right kind of car wash equipment for interior detailing.

Effective and Eco-friendly
When it comes to interior auto detailing, it’s important to opt for a cleaning solution that is not only effective but eco-friendly as well. Pet owners certainly do not want their pets to suffer from harsh chemical fumes or traces that are often left behind by conventional cleaning products. For spot-cleaning and removing certain kinds of pet stains, it’s best to opt for a steam cleaning unit, as these don’t just clean, they can sanitize as well. All this is done using the cleaning power of steam that is heated to very high temperatures. Note that steam cleaning machines are only ideal for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery, and are more commonly used for cleaning hard interior surfaces.

The right kind of carpet cleaning equipment can also be effective for interior auto detailing. The most effective carpet cleaners will work to remove pet dander and other substances, without using too much water. In this way, the cleaned upholstery will not be very damp after cleaning and it will have a better chance of drying out completely. Daimer® offers a number of carpet cleaners and steam cleaning units which are ideal for interior detailing jobs.

27 February 2012

Choosing a Quality Carpet Cleaner for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

carpet Cleaner
Buying a carpet cleaner for your commercial cleaning requirement? It is advisable to go for advanced commercial carpet cleaners to maintain that fresh, new look of your carpets and rugs. Establishment owners prefer these machines because they clean the carpets, quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

Carpets are a great way to welcome visitors to your business premises. However, if they are not maintained properly, they can present a muddied and unwelcome picture. Cleaning them regularly not only enhances their looks but also ensures their durability. A quality carpet cleaner can be the most suitable cleaning equipment for removing stubborn stains and grime that commercial carpets are prone to attract because of the heavy footfalls they endure.

Powerful Extraction Capability is a Feature of Modern Carpet Cleaners
A well designed and solidly constructed carpet shampooer is well equipped to deliver best results even in the toughest cleaning conditions. They clean carpets faster and more comprehensively than conventional cleaning machines. Machines from reputable retailers come with enhanced extraction capabilities and feature temperatures up to 210°F. They have powerful water lifting capacity which is handy in extracting and eliminating stains and spots that are deeply embedded in the carpet layers and rugs.

Modern carpet cleaning machines use very little water and rely on the powerful steam output and advanced extraction capabilities to leave the carpets clean and dry within a matter of hours. This prevents the typical foul odor from building up because of mold and mildew growth in the damp carpets.

Daimer® is the most trusted suppliers of quality cleaning machines, known for their advanced features and solid performance. Visit www.daimer.com to explore more about their best commercial carpet cleaner machines.

29 January 2012

Steam Cleaners for Industrial Cleaning Application

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaners are excellent hard surface cleaners. These machines rely on high temperature output for cleaning a hard surface efficiently. The output temperature of sophisticated models of steam cleaning machines, such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® series, reach up to 386°F. Such a high temperature can melt or dissolve many types of dirt and grime from hard surfaces. This feature makes these machines ideal for carrying out various types of industrial cleaning tasks.

This post deals with some major uses of steam cleaners.
Cleaning Industrial Machinery
Almost all industrial machines have strong and sturdy metal surfaces, which tend to attract stains and dirt during their functioning. Often, these stains are hardened due to excessive exposure to heat. Steam cleaners, with their high output temperature, are the best choice for removing such heat-exposed stains. Machines such as the KleenJet® 5000CVP may be used to clean a number of industrial machines including cabinet, engine parts, and HVAC condenser coils.

Cleaning Factory Floor
Steam cleaning machines are best for cleaning the floor of factory buildings too. They are capable of cleaning almost all kinds of dirt, stains, dust, and other impurities found on the floor.

The advantages of using steam cleaners for cleaning factory floor are two-fold. First, these machines clean very effectively. Their high temperature output takes care of almost all kinds of impurities. Second, there is little water output, as the systems use steam with less than 5% water content when cleaning.

Daimer®, a major supplier of cleaning products, supplies high quality industrial steam cleaners. For more detail about these machines, visit www.daimer.com.

13 January 2012

How to Make Steam Cleaners Work Better

steam cleaner
Steam cleaners are powerful hard surface cleaners that clean with high temperature output. These systems are used for carrying out cleaning tasks that require high output temperature, such as cleaning kitchen, bathroom, and concrete surfaces. The output temperature of these machines can be as high as 386°F, depending upon the model.

The cleaning power of the machine is indisputable. However, one must use it smartly to get the best out of the machine. The following are some tips to make steam cleaners from Daimer® work more efficiently and smartly.

Automatic Refilling
Modern models of steam cleaning machines in Daimer®’s KleenJet® series are equipped with automatic refilling technology. This is not available in conventional machines. The advantage of this technology is that the operators can work without any interruption. When using conventional machines, the operators have to stop the work mid-way to refill the tank.

For steam cleaners equipped with automatic refilling technology, operators need to connect the tank to a water tap. Water will be automatically transferred to the tank when the tank's water level recedes below a certain point.

The bottom line is - always use steam cleaners with automatic refilling technology. Machines such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® 5000CV are available with this option.

Handle with Care
When using steam cleaners, always keep in mind that these are powerful machines and can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Handling an output with a temperature of 386°F can cause harm to the human body and damage soft surfaces.

Daimer®, a leading supplier of cleaning machines, offers top grade steam cleaners with sophisticated safety measures. For learning more about these machines, visit www.daimer.com.