03 March 2009

Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers

Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washer
When it comes to buying a sandblaster, it is essential to choose the right machine to suit your needs. There are two forms of sandblasting, wet and dry. Wet sandblasting uses high pressure water with silica or sand to actually remove layers of material form a surface. Dry sandblasting yields similar results but uses compressed air, which is a much more dangerous process. For most applications, wet sandblaster pressure washers are ideal. And the most powerful wet sandblaster pressure washers can be found at www.daimer.com.

Daimer®'s Super Max ® WS series wet sandblaster pressure washers can remove layers of material from surfaces, unlike standard pressure washers which can only remove contaminants from a surface. As such, the Super Max® WS wet sandblaster pressure washers restore metal surfaces back to shiny, bare metal.

What makes these wet sandblaster pressure washers so beneficial for commercial and industrial applications is that they actually remove rust, corrosion, heavy deposits, and paint from metal surfaces.

These wet sandblaster pressure washers range in pressure levels and flow rates to meet the needs of the industrial or commercial user. But, all can reach ultra-high and powerful steam temperatures of 330 ºF for standard pressure washing . However, for wet sandblasting purposes, these machines feature a cold-water mode.

For the most powerful wet sandblaster pressure washers, Daimer is your source.