29 April 2009

Why Should You Switch To Green Chemicals

Most people do not realize that green chemicals can offer you a very effective cleaning power. This is because most of us think that, in order to get something clean, you have to use a harsh chemical based cleaner. The harsher it is, the more thorough the green chemicals cleaning will be. This is not true, in fact; using harsh chemicals has a number of disadvantages. For one thing, these substances can leave chemical traces. In fact, some chemicals can actually corrode the very surfaces they clean! Apart from that, they can have harmful effects on your health. Last, but definitely not the least, harsh chemicals also take their toll on the environment.

The range of green cleaning products from Daimer® offers environmental friendly, cleaning products that are high on cleaning power. These green chemicals use a number of breakthrough technologies, such as Micro-Blasting® molecules. These molecules penetrate the actual dirt molecules, breaking them down from inside, making them easier to eliminate. Apart from tackling dirt build up, these green chemicals also make it harder for dirt to settle on a cleaned surface. Eco-Green® cleaners can also make it easy to clean deposits like grease and oil build-up.

These green chemicals are completely non-toxic; since they are bio-based products, they are biodegradable in nature. Unlike other harsh chemicals, these products leave no residue, since they are soap and detergent free. You can learn more about these environmental-friendly green chemicals and a number of other cleaning products by visiting www.daimer.com/eco-green-chemicals/.

21 April 2009

Cold Water Pressure Washers - Affordable And Portable!

Cold Water Pressure Washer

When it comes to pressure washers, people may assume that hot water pressure washers are the more effective option. While this may be true for many applications, cold water washers have their own exclusive range of benefits that you can’t get with hot water machines. Daimer® currently has two kinds of cold pressure washers that are the most powerful in the industry. These machines are the perfect option for people looking for equipment that is portable as well as powerful.

One of the reasons why these machines are so portable is because they don’t have to house the heating coils and other equipment that come with steam or hot water pressure washing equipment. This also means that the machines themselves are smaller than steam or hot water models. Apart from that, the absence of any heating mechanism also means these machines are less expensive than hot water systems. For those who are on a budget but still want the kind of cleaning a pressure washer gives, these are the washers to go for. Because of their portability factor, these machines are also great for doing outdoor work or projects where an electricity supply may not be easily available.

The two lines of Daimer® cold water pressure washers are the Super Max ® 8900C and the Super Max® 8700 series. Both these lines operate at high pressure levels of up to 5000 psi. They are both truck or trailer mountable and come with an optional two-gun operation. These machines are also compatible with the Daimer® wet sandblasting kit. You can learn more about these pressure washers and other cleaning machines by visiting www.daimer.com .

08 April 2009

AST ® Automatic Shutoff Technology

Moving a step ahead in pressure washer technology, Daimer Industries has added another revolutionary technology to their list of pressure washers. The newly introduced pressure washers is equipped with AST ® technology that enables the washer to shut down after a period of inactivity of 30 seconds. This Automatic Shutoff Technology ® has made these pressure washers hassle-free, time saving, and easy to operate.

This excellent feature also minimizes the wear and tear and overheating of the components. It is specifically useful for people who use a longer hose, because the Automatic Shutoff Technology ® eliminates the inconvenience of going back and forth to turn off the machine during breaks in operation.

Other pressure washers do not have the provisions of to start and stop the machine automatically, making it very inconvenient for users with longer hoses. These new AST ® enabled pressure washers have done away with this limitation.

The new AST® pressure washers are equipped with stainless steel heating coils thus guaranteeing a longer life to the washer. The stainless steel coils provide strength to the washer, which helps prevent general irregularities like holes in the coil or a need for frequent coil replacements.

For more information on the product, please visit www.daimer.com.