15 March 2011

Industrial Uses of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are one of the most sought-after hard surface cleaners. There are mainly two reasons for their popularity. First, these are highly efficient in both cleaning and sanitization the surface. Second, these machines do not make surfaces excessively wet, and as a result, clean up tends to be easier.

The following is an overview of some of the major industrial uses of steam cleaners.

Cleaning of Industrial Equipment
Steam cleaning machines are handy for cleaning industrial equipment. Most of the industrial machines are made of sturdy metals or metal alloys, like steel. These machines can withstand the high temperature output. This means steam cleaners from reputable suppliers such as Daimer® are an ideal choice for cleaning industrial equipment like parts of HVAC and condensers. Machines, such as the KleenJet® 8848-360CVP, can reach temperature levels up to 386°F.

Cleaning Factory Areas
Another use of steam cleaners is for cleaning factory areas. These machines are excellent for cleaning concrete and tiled surfaces, and even gum removal. The high temperature output of these machines melts or dissolves almost any kind of dirt and impurity.

Some of the modern steam cleaning machines are equipped with a specialized steam cleaning technology, like the ATIS® technology. Daimer®, a leading distributor of cleaning machines, has introduced this technology for eliminating harmful germs and bacteria from surfaces. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the technology is capable of eliminating more than 99 percent of commonly, occurring disease-causing microorganisms.

Daimer® offers a number of steam cleaners, suitable for industrial cleaning. For more information, visit www.daimer.com.