28 October 2012

What Works Best For Upholstery Fabric Cleaning?

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning
Upholstery fabric cleaning is one of the most important tasks in settings, such as offices, hotel lounges, restaurants, and vehicle interiors. The fabric used in upholstery can accumulate dust, dirt, and stains in the absence of proper cleaning. Simply dusting or vacuuming the surface will not help eliminate the dust and dirt build-up from upholstered surfaces. It is also a tough job to remove dried food and stains of beverages from fabrics. To deep clean fabrics on upholstery, it is best to turn to advanced carpet cleaning systems.

In addition to maintaining carpeted surfaces, the best rug washer units are also great for mattress maintenance, interior detailing of vehicles, and upholstery fabric cleaning. To manage tough tasks, it is best to go for the heated versions rather than the non-heated ones. The hot moisture generated by heated carpet cleaner systems dissolves the toughest dirt deposits and stains.

To ensure superior upholstery fabric cleaning, cleaning experts recommend pre-spraying the surfaces with green chemicals. This helps dissolve and emulsify dirt deposits, thereby simplifying the cleaning process. To ensure that the surfaces are spotlessly clean and dry after the upholstery fabric cleaning process, the best portable carpet cleaning machines feature vacuum extraction functions. This helps extract all kinds of dissolved deposits and moisture from upholstered surfaces. This offers several advantages, such as lower risk of mold development.

If you need powerful rug cleaner units for upholstery fabric cleaning, do check out the XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaner systems from Daimer®.

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