29 May 2009

Optimize Your Cleaning Power With Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Gas Powered Pressure Washers
Some of the toughest cleaning jobs that users of pressure washers have to handle are often outdoors. Especially in outdoor industrial locations, different surfaces are subject to dirt and sediment build-up that one normally finds in commercial areas. But apart from that, these surfaces are also subject to dirt that comes with just being in the face of the elements. Additionally, these areas often cover a lot more space than conventional closed industrial facilities. In many cases, some areas simply can’t be cleaned effectively because there are no electrical outlets nearby.
This is why gas-powered pressure washers from Daimer® are a perfect choice for outdoor cleaning projects. These machines run on gasoline engines that pack a powerful punch of 18 HP. This allows them to generate steam temperatures of up to 330ºF as well as pressure rates of 3000 psi. This high-level cleaning power coupled with the convenience of a gasoline engine means that the user does not need to be restricted by electrical outlets. You can clean a variety of surfaces ranging from machinery to parking lots without having to worry if there is an electrical outlet nearby. In order to add to the mobility factor, these pressure washers also have trailer and truck-mountable options available.

Since these pressure washers deal with some very tough cleaning jobs, they are made with highly durable components made of stainless steel. For optimum cleaning results, these pressure washers can be used with Eco-Green ® cleaning detergents and soaps. When dealing with outdoor cleaning, these products are especially useful since there is no risk of leaving behind harmful chemical runoffs. You can learn more about these and a whole range of other cleaning equipment by visiting www.daimer.com.