22 March 2010

Selecting the Right Detailing Brushes for Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners
The heat of a steam cleaner breaks the bonds holding dirt molecules to a surface. A powerful steam cleaner, such as machines offered by Daimer®, can reach temperatures of 360°F, which is strong enough to help remove ingrained stains and residues. Daimer®’s top machines also have a wet vacuum option that helps in removal of dirt after steam is applied. However, detailing brushes are a necessary accessory for scraping the dirt off the surface.

Daimer® provides nylon, stainless steel, and brass detailing brushes as accessories for steam cleaners. These brushes are available in sets of 10, 20, and 50 at extremely affordable prices. The type you should select depends on the surface you plan to use the brush on. Nylon brushes are the softest and ideal for use on softer surfaces, such as those with glossy finish or on metals, which can be easily scratched or dented by harder brushes.

Brass detailing brushes are harder than nylon ones. These are suitable for harder surfaces, such as window frames, railings, grills, tiles, and grouts. Stainless steel brushes are the most abrasive and ideal for rugged surfaces and tough applications, like gum removal on concrete. When facing a variety of applications, purchasing all three types will be beneficial, as it will allow you to match the brush to the surface as needed.
A first-time user unfamiliar with brushes should first start cleaning with the softest brush. If that does not work, replace it with a brass or steel brush. Sometimes, brushes might become ineffective if the surface cools down, so instead of scrubbing harder, try applying more steam. Find out more about steam cleaners and their applications at www.daimer.com.