18 May 2011

Should You Be Cleaning Your Tiles and Grout With Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners are popular cleaning machines often used for various industrial and commercial cleaning tasks. Oftentimes, they are used for jobs like cleaning commercial kitchen counters or hotel bathrooms. These units can also be used for cleaning tiles and grout in a way that is both fast and efficient. Many people still assume that tile cleaning needs to be done using manual scrubbing and harsh chemical cleaning agents. After all, these areas often collect many tough stains that can be hard to remove using conventional cleaning methods. The reason why steam cleaners are a more effective cleaning option is because they tackle dirt in a unique way.

Steam cleaners from Daimer® use the power of super heated water to soften stubborn stains and deposits. Hard water stains and grime are melted away under the high heat, making them easier to remove completely and quickly. Many of these particular units, such as Daimer®’s KleenJet™ 3000CVP also come equipped with a special technology called Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™. This works to eliminate more than 99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria from the surface. This is something many conventional cleaning agents cannot accomplish. In fact, people often have to use a separate sanitizer in order to eliminate germs after cleaning.

This technology is extremely beneficial when using steam cleaners to remove things like black mold from grout. Not only is black mold dangerous; it is often difficult to remove completely because it roots itself deep in the soft grout. Steam cleaning units not only root out the mold, but they also ensure it is removed completely. Visit www.daimer.com to learn more about steam cleaners and how they can be useful.