03 April 2012

Picking up after Pets - Effective Auto Detailing Equipment for Vehicle Interiors

Detailing Equipment for Vehicle Interiors
Auto detailing for vehicle interiors can sometimes be a more challenging task than cleaning the exterior. Car interiors are not exposed to regular aeration or sunlight. To make matters worse, spills and stains that happen in a vehicle interior aren’t always dealt with quickly or effectively. In many cases, they are simply wiped up and then forgotten, even if it is something like a soda stain. Interior detailing becomes more complicated when dealing with vehicles that often carry pets. While dealing with pet stains and dander can be tough enough in a residential home, these problems can be more intense when dealing with them inside a vehicle. This is why it’s essential to use the right kind of car wash equipment for interior detailing.

Effective and Eco-friendly
When it comes to interior auto detailing, it’s important to opt for a cleaning solution that is not only effective but eco-friendly as well. Pet owners certainly do not want their pets to suffer from harsh chemical fumes or traces that are often left behind by conventional cleaning products. For spot-cleaning and removing certain kinds of pet stains, it’s best to opt for a steam cleaning unit, as these don’t just clean, they can sanitize as well. All this is done using the cleaning power of steam that is heated to very high temperatures. Note that steam cleaning machines are only ideal for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery, and are more commonly used for cleaning hard interior surfaces.

The right kind of carpet cleaning equipment can also be effective for interior auto detailing. The most effective carpet cleaners will work to remove pet dander and other substances, without using too much water. In this way, the cleaned upholstery will not be very damp after cleaning and it will have a better chance of drying out completely. Daimer® offers a number of carpet cleaners and steam cleaning units which are ideal for interior detailing jobs.