16 June 2011

Steam Cleaners Cut Through the Grime of Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Machine
Steam cleaners are often called in for tasks that don't just need cleaning abilities of the highest quality. Some tasks also require the cleaning to be done in an eco-friendly and safe manner. Steam cleaning units are often called in for jobs like cleaning food preparation and storage areas in places like commercial kitchens. These tasks require high cleaning power that is also safe.

Steam cleaning machines are also ideal for cleaning tile and grout.
Another area where steam cleaners can be extremely effective is for cleaning windows and screens that tend to pick up more sediment and deposits than regular windows. These are often found in many commercial and industrial areas and require special attention to get completely clean.

Daimer® understands that windows in different areas pick up different kinds of dirt and sediment. For instance, windows in residential suburban areas mostly suffer from bug spatter, bird stains, and light dust deposits.

Windows in urban areas may pick up soot and smoke particles. However, windows in industrial and certain commercial areas often face very different and difficult kinds of deposits. Grime, grease, carbon buildup, and deposits of industrial debris can all settle on windows, making them very difficult to clean. Steam cleaners in Daimer®’s KleenJet® series, such as the KleenJet® 5000CVP, are ideal for cleaning these kinds of windows because they use the power of superheated water to soften and dissolve away these kinds of deposits. Most Daimer® machines also come with a squeegee tool for optimal cleaning of windows.

Steam cleaners are also advantageous because they do not rely on any harsh chemical cleaning agents at any point. In this way, users do not have to worry about toxic fumes or harsh chemical traces left behind after cleaning. You can learn more about steam cleaners and many other cleaning machines at www.daimer.com.