23 August 2010

A Guide to Various Types of Steam Cleaners

Various Types of Steam Cleaners
When searching for steam cleaners, you will find a number of different models with a variety of features. Choosing the correct machine can be difficult if you do not understand the functions included with the machine or which ones you will need. The follow is a brief overview of the different types of steam cleaners available.

How Many Types of Steam Cleaners Are There?
Regardless of added technologies, a steam cleaning machine has the same basic set-up. These machines eject high temperature water onto the surfaces to be cleaned. The output temperature can be as high as 386°F to dissolve stubborn residues. Care should be taken while using these machines. If these machines are used to clean a soft surface or a surface that cannot withstand high temperatures, the surface may end up destroyed.

There are also steam pressure washers and steam carpet cleaners available. However, it is important to note these are not steam cleaners. Steam pressure washers use wet steam that can leave a surface very wet after cleaning. Steam carpet cleaners do not actually use steam when cleaning. They heat water to high hot water temperatures up to 210°F to effectively remove dirt and stains from carpets.

What features are available?
Steam cleaners come with a variety of different technologies and features. Machines with HEPA filters help trap dirt and allergens and to purify indoor air. Anti-bacterial technology, such as Daimer®’s ATIS® technology, can eliminate more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the surface. This is especially useful in places such as restaurant kitchens and hospitals where germs must be kept to a minimum. In addition, machines with attached vacuums are helpful when eliminating left over residue from the surface. There are also gum removal steam cleaners as well as those equipped for removing tile and grout.

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